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Marion, North Carolina

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40 Clayton Street, Asheville

Marion, North Carolina

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40 Clayton Street, Asheville. Marion, North Carolina

(828) 251-1502


Posted by Fonda Bravo

Mr. Messer represented my daughter in a very delicate case. He successfully was able to free her of all charges. He was entirely professional, tactful, and sincere in all interactions with my daughter. He explained thoroughly all steps and processes the entire emotional journey. We owe Mr. Messer a great deal for securing her future and reputation, thank you so much

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Posted by Jim Ryan

Last year we were in need of a lawyer quickly and had no idea who to call in Asheville. Looking on line I thankfully found Al Messer and Sara Johnson. With only a phone call, we got the process started and were on our way to Colorado. I unfortunately haven't had the pleasure of meeting them, just phone calls and emails over the past year. Long story short - they are the best! They provided excellent advice, Sara provided updates all through the process and Al was able to get all charges dismissed. Professional, competent, friendly and understanding. if you need a lawyer in Buncombe County, North Carolina I highly recommend Al Messer Law - simply the best.

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Posted by Jarred Hall

Messer Law Firm was a great asset when I needed legal representation. After 21 years an old charge from when I was only 16 was made public (which I later found is happening to many people). It was something that I believed to be sealed within a juvenile record only to find out 2 years ago that the state of North Carolina made public some records they had not previously reported appropriately and did not consider me a juvenile at 16. This, now public charge, threatened to disrupt the life that my wife and I had built together over the course of nearly 20 years. I no longer reside in North Carolina, so this situation was made even more complicated. I contacted numerous attorneys in the Buncombe County area only to find that their confidence level in taking my case to attempt to expunge this charge was severely lacking. Upon contacting Messer Law office, I received a completely different outlook. Not only was Al Messer willingly to take the case, but was considerably confident that he could have it expunged. In the course of my dealings with Messer Law Firm, Sarah was a great help, answering questions, and supporting us throughout the process. Although it took some time and I know a great amount of research on their part, my charge was expunged without me having to even enter the state of North Carolina. Not only were they able to get this expunged but were also later able to remove a label attached to my name related to the same incident. From the beginning, I was assured by the confidence of Al Messer and his staff and they did not disappoint. Thank you Al and Sarah for all your hard work to keep the life we built intact.

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