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Hebron, Connecticut

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20 Windham Street, Willimantic

Hebron, Connecticut

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20 Windham Street, Willimantic. Hebron, Connecticut

(860) 423-0083


Posted by Eat_My_Dust_76 My Own Worst Enemy

If I could place a "zero" star, I would, but Google does not currently allow that. I was referred to Attorney Bacharach through my Defense Attorney, so I did not think I needed to believe her online 1 Star Rating. First of all, she charged me $200 for a consultation. I should of recognized the red flag at the time. Our consultation lasted an hour and a half. At the time, it seemed Attorney Bacharach would be a good lawyer for my divorce. Boy, was I wrong! This was a Divorce Case. She never took me, her Client seriously. She never listened to what I was concerned about. I felt like some number or just a pay check to this lawfirm. Hardly any follow-up. And she was proud to tell anybody she charges $350 an hour. This Lawyer constantly never explained the law to me, never took my wants, needs, or concerns for consideration and she totally disrespected me. Three months passed by, and FINALLY we had our only court appearance. And at the court appearance never did she take my wants or needs into co sideration. I wanted to her to file a motion for my Ex to undergo a drug test via hair and all she did was argue with me. Instead she wanted to push for the DNA Test for one of my kids, which later made me, the Client look bad in Court. By this time, all $7,500 of my retainer (and $200) had been sucked dry from ridiculous Law Firm Statements and to this day, I am still not divorced. I made the decision to fire her and count my losses and hire a better, younger, and more considerate Attorney who actually does her job. After I informed her of her termination, her book keeper charged me another $700+ dollars just to close my file for turnover to me. All this firm cares about, in my opinion, is your money; that's it. All Pamela did was brag to me of her 30 years of law experience and keep talking to me in a condenscending manner . Give me a break. She never gave me any respect and never looked out for my best interest, at a minimum. And plus, I am a 23+ year military Veteran. Great way to treat a military service member Ma'am... If you want to waste your hard earned money and get little to nothing in return, then go for this Law Firm!!!

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Posted by Alison Fennell

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