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Ocie, Missouri

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425 North Walnut Street #2, Harrison

Ocie, Missouri

(870) 704-4037



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425 North Walnut Street #2, Harrison. Ocie, Missouri

(870) 704-4037


Posted by Chase Williams

Really terrible service after retainer was paid. The woman that works the Stockton office Monday-Wednesday is great but the Harrison office is very unprofessional. The person that handles repayment of retainers was very rude just now and explained to me that my 30 minutes it court was charged for 2 hours for a total of $400.....very disappointed and would recommend using someone else for divorce needs as an uncontested divorce just cost me $1478.00.

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Posted by Ericka Pell

I was looking for some advice and this attorney was nice and had lots of good advice. The attorney cared about finances and helped me through things cheap as we could. Great service!

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Posted by Kelly James

This guy is a foul mouth person. Swearing like crazy then uses words like righteous! F bombs even!! He thinks he knows it all. Found an aytorney who knows a lot about the things i went in for and they have PROVEN this watson Attorney doesn't know nothing! Everything he said was a lie. But wait maybe he knew the other people and never said a word. It would describe his angered foul moth incompetents. Dont hire this Fool.. His knowledge of law is like his eyes, way off!!

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