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32 Old Slip, New York. Oakhurst, New Jersey

(212) 962-1020


Posted by Jamaica Kelley

I was crossing the street at a walk sign on my way to work one morning when I got hit by a work van. He was turning and speeding up, hitting me square on and sending me flying. A nanny friend of mine referred me to Michael. I didn’t want to sue because it's not in my nature but she said she had a really good experience, and my family and friends encouraged me to do so just to have the help paying the doctor bills and physical therapy. Michael was really considerate and understanding of where I was coming from. Everyone in the office was so nice and understanding, never pushy, and I really appreciated that people went out of their way to make sure things were getting done. They facilitated the whole process without any stress for me, and it enabled me to get all the medical care I needed without the anxiety of bills hanging over my head. I would absolutely refer people to Michael.

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Posted by michelle mentore

I found out about Michael through a friend of mine. His mother has a case here, so when I was hurt at my job I decided to come to Michael also. He said that the way they spoke to her and what she heard it made her basically want to come here. She received a warm reception and everyone was welcoming. When I came here I got the warm reception also and I appreciate it. I'm very happy with the job Michael did for me. If you need a lawyer I highly recommend Michael.

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Posted by Faith Reber

I was in a bike fall incident due to uneven and cracked pavement. I found out about Michael through my dentist. I had root bruising so at the time we weren't sure if under the crown the tooth was cracked, so we weren't sure if a few months down the line there was gonna be thousands of dollars of dental work. He said I should talk to Michael so I know my rights because there could be long term implications. I've had extensive work on my teeth. When I fell I remember there being blood and all I kept saying was how are my teeth. It was really traumatic. In my experience Michael always communicated well. When i called the office someone always emailed or called me back that day. I never had to wonder where I stood. That was really important to me. There was always a plan. So this is the next step or this is what you need to do, I was never left not knowing where I was standing in the two years. I was always seen promptly when I had an appointment. I never sat here for an hour just waiting and they were very accommodating. Michael's team wasn't quick to settle. They let things unfold to see what was needed in my care and follow up without jumping at a sum of money. Some people may want that quick thing but with my hematoma and the thing in my face we didn't know. We thought it was a good thing to wait and see how things progressed with my health. I was satisfied. I was able to pay off my medical bills and have a little bit for my pain and suffering. I definitely would refer other people to Michael.

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