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The Dominguez Firm/Firma Dominguez

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Practice areas: Tax, Civil Rights, Employment, Immigration, Personal Injury

Gardena, California

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3250 Wilshire Boulevard #2200, Los Angeles

Gardena, California

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3250 Wilshire Boulevard #2200, Los Angeles

Gardena, California

(800) 818-1818


Posted by Jonathan Sanchez

I was referred by my uncle to The Dominguez Firm. They did a great a job and really made me feel comfortable. They’re with you every step of they way and did amazing job with my case. If you need great attorneys in Los Angeles area call the Dominguez Firm, they’re the best!

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Posted by Daiane Gastelum

I had an accident, and I was referred to The Dominguez Firm. Unfortunately, the driver who hit me had no insurance and there was nothing the attorneys could do for me. The insurance company didn't communicate well or promptly with my lawyer. Still, The Dominguez Firm took responsibilty and explained to me how the legal process developed. They truly care about their clients and do their best to make every person feel understood. Plus I got medical treatment for me and my passenger at no cost since unfortunately the case couldn't be solved. Attorney Tim was really great at explaining everything to me I really appreciated it and Ivy is just the sweetest woman ever.

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Posted by Andrew Velazquez

Didn’t get much off my settlement but im just bothered that they weren’t really attentive or went into details how the money would be split.. plus my paralegal would hardly ever get in contact with me.. but here’s the full story... so to start off I was told that going on about this case would help me out.. so I decided to call Juan Dominguez law firm and they seemed very eager when I told them my story and showed them proof (pictures).. the guy over the phone seemed nice and very helpful next thing you know I get to signing papers.. the guy Gabriel told me they would get 33% from whatever I got but little did they tell me it would be 33.33% to be exact & that wasn’t including the doctor fees.. so okay next thing they also don’t tell you is that they take another $300 on top of the “33%” for “office fees” then to top it off your paralegal (TOMMIE IN MY CASE) never answers her phone or tries to reach out to you & when you call the law firm they give you the run around or are very rude . I wouldn’t recommend this place.. you’re best off paying for your own lawyer because at the end of the day I was left with about 30% myself I would say

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