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Milbrook (Atlanta), Georgia

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1230 Peachtree Street Northwest #3750, Atlanta

Milbrook (Atlanta), Georgia

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1230 Peachtree Street Northwest #3750, Atlanta. Milbrook (Atlanta), Georgia

(404) 946-1900


Posted by Courtney Smith

My grandmother went to Crowther attempting to start a medical malpractice suit after my she went in for a outpatient surgery and came out with a punctured esophagus. At first, Crowther appeared competent and dedicated to the case. However, as time went on, Crowther did not communicate with my grandparents for over a year. He then waited until the last possible day to file her suit before the statute of limitations was up. After that, Crowther dropped my grandmother's case without her knowledge but continued to meet with her. During these meetings, Crowther never mentioned his dismissal of the case. In fact, it took six months from the dismissal for my grandparents to be notified. We understand that Crowther may have had difficulty pursuing her case, but we only wanted to be notified in a timely manner and to be given honest representation of the reality of her case. Ultimately, my grandmother was not afforded this level of respect from Crowther. His negligent behavior robbed my 71 year old grandmother of her chance to receive justice for her injuries during surgery. When we confronted Crowther through the bar association, Crowther continued to lie, misrepresent information and call into question the moral character of a woman who he was completely unfamiliar with (and who has been a upstanding citizen all her life). If you can, please choose someone else to represent you. Lying and manipulating a senior citizen implies an immoral and unethical character. Do you really want this person to handle your case?

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Posted by acm8984

Derric Crowther is extremely racist and rude. I saw him yell at a white guy and call him the N word in front of other clients and then kick him out of the building. I thought about reporting this almost altercation to somebody. Do not go here because Derric Crowther is extremely unprofessional and should not have a license to practice law.

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Posted by Riana Smith

I interned at the firm while in undergrad. This experience helped me gain a better understanding of a legal career, while also sharpening the skills needed to succeed in any profession. I went into the internship assuming I would only have the opportunity to perform smaller tasks (as many do), but I was held to the same expectations as attorneys early in their careers and was able to make a true impact. Also, Mr. Crowther's lessons on leadership and professionalism are ones I have been able to apply to my career every day.

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