About Lista Legal

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ListaLegal's mission is to aid the Hispanic community in accessing legal resources and a lawyer in the United States. We help many people in need every single day to find legal answers or find a lawyer or pro-bono organization to help them. Our staff is very small, but we receive a great deal of support from like-minded attorneys who are very active on creating guides and how-to legal information that answers many questions in English and Spanish for our readers.

We make it easy for Latinos to connect with an attorney they can trust!

Is Lista Legal a lawyer referral service?

No, ListaLegal is not a lawyer referral service. The ListaLegal website contains a lawyer directory that offers online listings for attorneys who work with the Hispanic community in the USA. We do not charge a fee for referring visitors to a lawyer. ListaLegal presents the attorneys' information in a way that’s easy for our visitors to use, allowing you to work with relevant attorneys in your geographic area. The list includes features like website address, profile description, phone number, email, social media links, reviews, etc.

How does Lista Legal charge for referrals or leads?

ListaLegal doesn’t charge any fees to connect visitors with an attorney. We don’t charge a fee for attorneys to receive a lead, messages or communication from clients through the directory. ListaLegal only charges a flat rate monthly fee for attorneys who want to be promoted as a featured listing within the directory.


Can I change my listing information?

If your Law Firm information is not accurate or out of date please contact us using this form or email us at [email protected] We will promptly update your listing for free.

How do I get to the top of the list?

All businesses are arranged in the order in which they subscribe to the directory.

How can my Law Firm be included in ListaLegal?

We do our best to list all attorneys in each city and category, but we may have missed yours. Please contact us here or send us an email to [email protected] with your Law Firm’s contact information.

Do businesses pay to be featured on a page?

There is a flat rate monthly fee to be featured on the top positions of the directory. You can learn more about the fees on our page “Law Firm marketing in Spanish”.

Why can’t I find my city or business category?

It’s possible that we don’t have any attorney or law firm listed in your city yet. If that’s the case please contact us, you may be the first one to be listed in your city.