What Mistakes You Must Avoid When Posting Bail – Tips from “A Right Choice Bail Bonds

Getting arrested is one of the most stressful and confusing ordeals anyone can go through—young or old. You probably want to find the fastest way out of a jail cell. After all, we all know jail to be a dangerous and lonesome place. You have a family back home, or a significant other, waiting for your return. It won’t happen unless you play your cards right, though.

First and foremost, posting bond is your best chance to secure a quick jail release. It’s also your only opportunity for when you cannot afford the total cost of bail set by the court. For most, that’s the case. The court will set a high bail, depending on your charges, as both punishment and as a way to protect the community and the case.

Unfortunately, even after you post bail, your freedom is not guaranteed. There are numerous ways in which you may jeopardize your freedom during the process. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that you must avoid when posting bail.

Working with a Bad Bond Company

It is unfortunate, but the bail bond industry is rife with both amateurs and scam artists. They prey on people in their weakest moments. After all, what choice do you have but to put your trust in a bail bond agent who claims to be an expert?

Chances are, depending on your location, there are multiple bail bond companies willing to take on your case. Finding the best one can be a challenge without the right know-how.

Ask your attorney. Your attorney should be providing you with expert legal advice. However, they’re also an undeniable source when searching for a reputable bail bond company in the area.

Do your best to avoid cheap bonds. Most areas have a set percentage—a minimum—that must be paid to the bail bond agency. It’s generally 10 percent. If a small, unestablished bond company wants to do the job for cheaper, know that it is illegal.

Lying to the Court or Bond Company

When you are planning to post bail, both the court and the bond company you choose will ask you a few questions. These questions show that you can pay the bail and are a reliable individual. Most of the questions are relatively basic. They may include your address and place of employment, for example.

It is crucial that you remain truthful during the questioning. Both the court and the bond company can revoke your bond if they find out you were lying during the questioning.

Waiting Too Long

A lot of people are arrested overnight. If that’s your case, you may wrongfully think you have to wait until morning before posting bail. That’s incorrect, of course. Most bail bond companies are available 24/7, so do not hesitate to call and secure a bond.

After you speak with your attorney, call a local bail bond agency and ask for assistance. An agent will help you complete the necessary paperwork and will work with the court to secure your freedom.

When you need a trusted bail bond agency, look for one near you—a community agency that is available to help 24/7!