Anyone involved in a car accident will find themselves moving in slow motion. You’re likely more than a little jarred from the accident, perhaps even severely injured, and a little shocked at the entire ordeal. It’s a lot to register. The worst part is, being involved in an accident is not cheap. Even if the crash wasn’t your fault, you’ll still need to seek medical help and put your vehicle back on the road. Before the insurance kicks in, you could be paying out of pocket. Either way, you deserve compensation. You need cash to repay your medical debt and pay for car repairs right away.

What Does a Personal Injury Compensation Cover?

First and foremost, you’re likely wondering what personal injury compensation will cover. Let’s be clear, a car accident is a personal injury case. You need to find the right lawyer for the job.

In any case, if you are the victim of a road accident, you’ll likely spend some time in an emergency room. Anyone who has entered an emergency room will know that it’s expensive. Then, there may be physical therapy to schedule, which is also expensive.

To cover these costs, you’ll want to file with your insurance company. For that, you need proper documentation of the entire ordeal, including medical records, photographs of the accident site, and the police report—yes, you need to call the police.

Your trusted attorney can help you get everything in order, too.

Document the Scene

In order to take full advantage of your insurance, you’ll need proof. As we said before, you want to document everything and provide the insurance company with full reports. Here’s how to make it easier on you in the long-run:

Talk to Witnesses Try to get as much information about the scene as possible—talk to witnesses, ask questions, and solicit information. The more witness information you have, the stronger the claim you’ll have.

Call the Police No matter the scope of the wreck, call the police. Police involvement will add yet another layer of documentation to your insurance claim, as a report carries a lot of weight with insurance carriers.

Photograph Everything Take some time to photograph everything possible. If you have a camera or a phone, whip it out before leaving for the hospital and snap a few photos of the scene. These pictures will further strengthen your claim.

After a serious car accident—even a minor one—you have a right to compensation. First, seek professional legal advice from a trusted car accident attorney right away.