Are you starting a career in law as a lawyer, paralegal or just a receptionist. If so these tips will provide you with a firm grasp of the basics.

Basic Tips for a Law Interview

Ensure you know the route to your interview location, and if you have time, perform a test run. Give yourself an allowance for delays in traffic and issues with public transport.

Coming in late for an interview, especially one with an aspect of project management is the worst start you can have. Reach your interview location early and relax in a nearby cafe. Then arrive at your interview venue at least 15 minutes before time and check yourself in the mirror suggests Irene McConnell from Arielle Executive.

Your appearance will leave a lasting impression, therefore dress smartly and take some mints beforehand!

Always be cordial and courteous to any person whom you talk to and greet. It is common for interviewers to request for the opinion on interviewees from staff.

When you meet with your interviewer, shake hands firmly and maintain solid eye contact with them.

Carry a minimum of two copies of your documents in case you are requested to produce them.

Ultimately, during the conclusion of the interview, you will be asked if you want to pose any questions. Go to the interview with a prepared list of three to five questions. This list will help you in case your mind goes blank, and no questions came up from the interview.

Bring a neat folder containing your relevant qualification certificates, legal identification documents, related references, and any other necessary documents.

Top tip: Before leaving the interview stage, show interest in the position (if you are) and affirm your confidence in your competence to handle the role properly (without displaying arrogance) and ask for any issues the interviewer may have noted concerning your ability. This is an excellent chance to banish any doubts that they may harbor in considering you for the position, and it may differentiate you from other interviewees. -said Attorney Jeffrey D. Brownstein, a Top-Rated Divorce Lawyer in Meriden, CT

To subdue any objections, you must be equipped with answers to potential questions you are likely to be challenged with. For instance, “You have no prior work experience in this industry.” – [Answer] “That is right, however, I have immense experience in project management, having worked in x sectors and have transferable expertise.”

Generally, it is important to ask if the interviewer is considering other candidates and when you should expect their feedback.

Before leaving, shake hands with and thank the interviewer for the opportunity.

The interviewer can ask about your notice length, so ensure that you have confirmed this from your employment agreement. Typically, this is usually 30 days, though it may vary.

If the workplace is quite a distance from your current home this issue may be brought up. Prepare to provide a confident reply that shows that you know your route to work and are satisfied with the accompanying commute time.

Avoid criticizing former colleagues and employers or placing the blame on them for any challenges you might have experienced.

Do not offer confidential details on previous employers. This will raise questions on whether you can be trusted, also it is most likely a violation of your employment terms.

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