Surely you have heard more than one person say that they would like to be part of the world of Law and Law. Being one of the fields of best financial benefits, the requirements to be part of it, are very strict, and start from the basics: a diploma that accredits them for the job.

But, not having this diploma, and being part of the legal world, is not a utopia. Only with basic administrative and organizational skills, plus an extreme interest in the laws, can everything you need to enter this industry.

Skills that you need to have to become a legal secretary:

Listening and Communication Skills: You will be expected to follow instruction from your boss, and your ability to understand those instructions with little or no follow up will be appreciated. Understanding legal terminology and being able to apply it correctly will also help. Good listening and communication skills ensures that the information is relayed correctly.

People / Interpersonal Skills: You might be the first line of communication between your legal office and the outside world, potentially speaking with clients, law enforcement, judges and other lawyers. Your people and interpersonal skills will help you do well.

Organizational Skills: Legal assistants help keep the working day in order. Scheduling meetings, court dates, travel plans, billing, etc. will all require terrific organizational skills.

Computer Skills: Writing emails, transcribing notes, researching legal documents faxing, copying, and creating spreadsheets or printing documents figure heavily in a legal assistant’s day.

The legal secretaries provide administrative and specialized secretarial support for the professional staff of the judicial offices. Prepare text documents and legal proceedings and correspondence. … They use computers to produce legal documents, forms and letters.

While there are no absolute academic requirements for this field, earning a 2-year associate’s degree or a 1-to-2 semester certificate in legal secretary skills will help you prepare for the complexities of work in a legal office.

There are many online training courses that teach you how to become a legal secretary. Most legal secretary programs cover law office practices, keyboarding, computers, word processing, legal terminology and law.

While legal secretary schooling isn’t always required, it is recommended if you want to work in a law firm.

What are the requirements to reach the position?

Maintaining an eminent organization in your work is essential. Paying attention to all the details and being very vivacious will be a must. Discretion is another fundamental factor, in this work it is very necessary to keep the information very well kept, and not to discuss with anyone any aspect that may affect the position or functioning of the work of judges or lawyers. You will need to have excellent “people skills”. The secretary will be the first person that the client or staff will see, so a calm, kind and smiling attitude will help enormously in every process. You must also have very good communication skills, so that dialogue with customers can be smooth and enjoyable. Many of these clients or staff arrives constantly stressed and anxious, so a dialectical and comprehensive attitude will be fundamental. The skills for technology are also very important; you must handle the technological elements that are used, for sending emails, interaction with applications, management of the programs used in your company etc. Attorneys often have hectic schedules full of client appointments, court dates, and other important meetings. The legal world is also based very heavily on deadlines. If the legal secretary doesn’t have tight control over making sure things are happening on time that can put projects or cases at risk. Legal secretaries should be adept at working with different kinds of people to make sure projects and cases are being worked on with maximum efficiency and minimum drama.

Is the salary good?

A Legal Secretary can expect an average salary of between 32000 and 48000 depending on the level of experience. Legal Secretaries can get average salaries of Forty Three Thousand Six Hundred dollars on an annual basis.

What is the difference between paralegals and legal secretaries?

Legal secretaries organize and file legal documents or case research, but their main role is to support the lawyers administratively. This includes: managing calendars, scheduling appointments. You don’t need a specific degree to become a legal secretary, but associate’s degrees are fairly common.

Paralegals: Paralegals focus more on the legal aspects of the supporting role. The paralegal works directly with clients, taking and giving information, managing depositions or other legal meetings, and conducting research.

The future of legal secretaries

According to the BLS, legal secretary jobs will grow much slower than average between 2010 and 2020.

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