Good morale + a happy workplace = productive employees and this is as important in a legal workplace as anywhere else. So, here are some tips to achieve it.

  1. Make Your Working Space Comfortable

Sometimes, the negative effect happens while team members are working on a project together. As such, it is a good idea to ensure that a team’s working space is enough for all the team members. Create a working space that is small enough for an entire team to work together, but with adequate room for the team to work comfortably. Keep in mind that every team member needs enough room for the tools they will use for their work and also need enough space to work with other team members.

  1. Use the Right Work Desk

Using the right work desk is very important because a person working in an office is likely to spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Ensure that the work desk you want to use is convenient and comfortable to make it comfortable to work and also prevent health issues associated with sitting for long periods at a desk.

Most of the companies out there use standing desks which allow employees to stand or sit. With standing desks, you can keep moving and make your body stay active while working. It also enables you to sit after standing for some time as standing all day is bad for your health. If you use a traditional desk, strike the proper balance between sitting and standing.

  1. Ensure That Your Office Has Clean Air

Stale office air can reduce productivity as it makes it hard for a person to focus on their work. This is why it is a good idea to clean your office air to ensure a good working environment. One of the best ways to improve office air quality is to place air purifiers in various parts of your office. Use air purifiers with a HEPA filter as they can catch and filtrate dust particles indoors in the best way possible.

Interior Decor. Office Plants
  1. Have Plants in Your Office

Having plants in your office can improve your office environment and increase productivity. Indoor plants can make an office comfortable and healthier in many ways. Indoor plants can clean the air in your office.  Indoor plants also make the workplace more comfortable and boost the mood of those working in the office. However, too many plants can be overwhelming. Instead, have a couple of plants. In fact, having one plant on your desk is enough to have a calming effect.

  1. Keep the Team Bond

A connected team is usually powerful even if the team consists of members who work remotely. A team should not only work on projects. It is good for team members to know each other better. This will establish a true productive working relationship. So, look for ways to get your team better connected.

If the team has remote workers, use video conferencing as it allows team members to take part in sessions and meetings. Start these meetings with ice-breaker activities. These meetings and conference calls can help team members know each other better hence strengthening team bond. Team bond, in turn, makes team members more productive.

  1. Encourage Healthy Conflict

Healthy conflict among team members can be beneficial as it is how ideas are born. Tell your team members about a new idea and see how they react. Sometimes, things that sound weird at first are some of the best ideas. If however, you are seeing unhealthy conflict it needs to be nipped in the bud, especially if you are noticing that it often seems to be the same person in the center. The Clarity Clinic offer anger management advice and techniques that can help.

  1. Offer Rewards

Offering rewards is among the best ways to encourage team members to work harder. Recognize your team and offer rewards for any achievements. Projects can be interesting at first but become boring and difficult as time goes by. As such, it is good to set milestones and reward your team when the milestone is achieved.

For instance, you may send an email to team members telling them how much you appreciate what they are doing and they have reached a milestone. You can also consider treating them with lunch to celebrate the achievement.


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