A divorce is never a good situation to be in – and it is at that moment that even the mundane things in life start to overwhelm the affected person. On top of everything else the process of choosing the right divorce attorney to help deal with your case can be overwhelming. But this process must be done correctly, regardless of how much time, energy or money you wish to put into finalizing your divorce, making the right decisions right at that time can make a huge impact in your well being and the future of your loved ones.

There are many resources you can use as guidance on the Internet but they don’t substitute the importance of getting proper legal advice from an attorney. Now, remember there are many types of lawyers, a divorce lawyer will be the expert upon whom you’ll be leaning on to be able to make the correct decisions through the process of divorce. Your lawyer can be involved in the process from the beginning and see it through to the end, or alternatively can just work with you on a consultant basis without actually taking complete part in it.

Sometimes you and your spouse will be confident enough to be able to come up with the divorce agreement on your own, without a whole lot of discord and disagreement – in such a case, you can restrict the use of your lawyer to just taking his/her advice in the initial stages, and just getting information and feedback on your progress with the agreement.

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How do you find the right attorney for your case?

Most people think of the process of hiring an attorney to handle the divorce as being an easy process, wherein one can just peruse the local newspaper or search online forums and find an attorney from the divorce lawyer page, or just to employ the lawyer who made up your will or the lawyer who drafted your lease – you get the picture right? Not just any lawyer will do – because a divorce is a different case altogether.

The following guide will help you research attorneys in California through the Ca state bar website and determine if the lawyer has had any type of sanctions due to ethics concerns or any complaints from past clients.

Finding the right attorney can be a tough process, that’s why proper in-depth research about family law, divorce settlement, and child/spousal support should be conducted prior to entering the divorce process altogether.

The right attorney will:

Some lawyers have specialties in many types of issues, and some of them can be certified by the board as being experienced in dealing with family law. To get such certifications, they must possess a lot of experience in trials and must go through a test. These attorneys are much more experienced and will mostly charge more than normal lawyers, but they can deal much better with your case.

  • The right lawyer will be understandable to you and can break down the case and facts in a way that you will understand – not just talk in pure legal terms that you cannot understand.
  • You must be able to trust the right attorney, as you will have to have to divulge close, personal information about your marriage and your spouse to the attorney.
  • If there are young children involved in the marriage and the subsequent divorce, the right attorney will not use them as collateral and use them to make unreasonable demands from the other spouse in the divorce proceedings.
  • The right attorney for you must be easy on your pocket and you should not go in debt to pay your attorney.




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