Now is the right time to begin a period of self-reflection and to motivate yourself to improve. The end of year review has the potential to act as a catalyst for legal representatives who feel their compensation does not reflect their quality of work and their career is not progressing as it should. Final quarter of the year often provides the much-needed clarity and drive to many legal representatives who need to begin an job search.

However, you shouldn’t begin your search without proper preparation according to Irene from Arielle Executive. It’s important to have a strategic plan in place in order to maximize your game when it comes to time and effort which happened with the two most vicious, it is often neglected. We have gathered these top seven tips in order to help you optimize the job search strategy and move in the right direction:

  1. Get Your Documents in Place

If a potential employer or search consultant finds you fit for a particular role after looking at your online profile or your bio, they are going to ask for your resume which means it is important for you to get this document ready as soon as you can. These documents are the foundation of any job search and it’s your responsibility to ensure they are compelling, consistent and current. All these documents should be as per the conventions of an legal career document and should be properly optimized to project you as an ideal candidate for the job.

  1. Articulating Your Success Stories

Career documents should be prepared to properly articulate your success stories. In addition you should prepare these success stories in a manner to be able to vocalize these during interviews or networking opportunities. These stories can be authenticated with the help of metrics and data. These should also be used to scale various professional accomplishments. Awards also play a role and therefore, you should spend some time figuring out the best way to present those.

  1. Online Presence Curation

We are living in a digital age, and employers and recruiters also use Internet for searching and for vetting potential executive candidates using LinkedIn, or elsewhere online. You need to think carefully about your online profile and make sure that your online persona is not only professional but also consistent with your personal brand. Spend some time thinking about things that can be improved.

An intelligent way to use online platforms is to enhance your visibility in the search community by sharing your expert insights with others in the industry and beyond, and by authoring thought leadership pieces. Keep in mind that a boring or bland online profile is as damaging as a profile that is poorly constructed. A professional and polished online profile is a must these days.

  1. Prepare for Interview Questions

You should expect tough questions during executive interviews as these questions are designed to test an a candidates ability to perform under pressure. Tricky questions, especially related to professional failure are often asked in these interviews. You need to be open and honest with your answers but it’s important to demonstrate your ability to learn from the mistakes made and how these have helped in improving your decision-making ability.

You should also be prepared to answer questions about leaving your last employment. Needless to say, you should always be honest but professional. It is recommended to prepare a list of potential executive interview questions and be ready with your responses in order to enhance your chances of success.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Professional Network

One way to set yourself up for failure is to wait for networking until instability stares you in the face. It’s important to nurture professional networks throughout your career in order to make sure that you can make use of them during uncertain periods. Think of it as a safety net that is worth the time investment.

In order to create a robust network, you should nurture relationships that are mutually beneficial and always be ready to contribute to the ‘favor bank’. Your professional network should have executive legal recruiters as the key component. Recruiter calls should be used to cultivate long-term professional relationships, even when you’re not interested in the role offered, by offering some helpful suggestions for candidates or by carefully articulating your thoughts regarding why a particular opportunity is not right for you.

  1. Keeping up with the Trends

When it comes to legal job market, keep in mind that it is dynamic in nature and keeps changing. Therefore, you always need to keep up with the trends related to your function or industry. BlueSteps offers a unique webinar where you can get insights from the top search consultants and you can also ask questions during live Q&A. It will not only help you stay abreast of the latest trends but you can also use these in your executive job search.

  1. Continuous Assessment of the Legal Job Search Efforts

It’s important to have some time bound goals in place in order to not succumb to jobseeker drifting throughout the job search. Take a critical look at your interview technique, possible pitfalls as well as your resume. Continually evaluate your tactics in order to make sure that you are spending your time wisely and your efforts are concentrated appropriately. Setting up realistic benchmarks not only keeps you on track but also keeps you motivated during the period of transition.

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