Workers’ Compensation is a right for most workers in the United States. Regardless of your background or immigration status, your employer must follow labor laws that guarantee a safe work environment.

Knowing the law is not the employee´s job, many employees are not aware of their rights, particularly Hispanic families that don´t know they can recover their medical expenses and other costs arising from accidents that occurred at work.

The process of claiming compensation is not one you should follow on your own, the help of an experienced attorney could speed up the process or recover greater benefits for the injured worker.

1. Act fast

There is a small window of time where you can file a Workers compensation claim after you get injured. This is commonly referred to as the Statue of Limitations. It begins to count at the time the incident occurs. The amount of time you have to file the claim varies by state and according to the type of claim.
An attorney will need to have time to study your case, prepare an effective legal strategy that will help to maximize your settlement agreement. The more time that you wait to look for legal assistance the less time the attorney will have to gather all the necessary information to support the claim.

2. Get witnesses

In some cases, the individual making the claim will be asked to prove that he got injured at the workplace.

If you are asked to provide this sort of proof, be sure to take note of the contact information for some of your colleges or co-workers who witnessed your accident. Write down their contact information like name, phone number, email, and job description and ask them whether they will be willing to make a written statement to testify to what happened.

3. See a doctor immediately

Take care of your injury as soon as possible, go see your doctor right away and explain what happened. If you don’t have a primary care doctor go to the emergency room and ask to be seen. Sometimes an injury may seem mild at first, but it could get complicated or even be life-threatening at a later time. going to the doctor will also serve as evidence in your favor.
The importance of going to see a doctor as soon as possible can’t be stressed enough, the doctor’s visit not only will tend to your injury but will also serve as necessary proof for your legal claim.

4. Be extra careful about signing any documents

Insurance companies are ultimately businesses and will always try to find a way to reduce your payments.

Run everything through your Workers compensation lawyer and show them any documents that they ask you to sign. They will try to look for any inconsistency on your statements regarding what happened at work that led to the accident.

The insurance company may also ask you to sign an authorization to access your medical records. This is fine as long as they only request documents related to the injury for which you are seeking compensation.

5. Continue going to your doctor’s appointments regularly

If you can’t assist any of your medical appointments or sessions always make sure to follow up with your care provider and re-schedule your appointment with them. If you stop attending physiotherapy or your doctor’s appointments the insurance company may claim that you are healed or no longer need them, and will use this argument to cut or deny your benefits.

6. Find an experience Workers compensation attorney that can maximize your claim settlement

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