Spanish Article Writing for Law Firm websites

For the person in charge of running a Law Firm, trying to enter the Hispanic bilingual market in the USA can prove to be a tough nut to crack. That’s why we created this guide on Spanish article writing and translation services for Law Firm websites.

For over 10 years Lista Legal has helped hundreds of attorneys reach unparallel visibility and popularity with the Latinos in their communities, our first word of advice to reach that goal is you will need to start promoting your name/brand in Spanish for your legal services to reach the bilingual and Spanish speaking audience.

Wait what?

I don’t speak Spanish; how do I do that?

I got you covered! This short guide will give you the basic tools you need to get going in Spanish!

Here are the main areas where your Law Firm will need legal translation services and how to hire the service:

Number 1: Website for Spanish Clients

  • Develop a website in English and another one in the Spanish language. This is the key to launching successful advertising campaigns in. If you already have a website in English our creative team can design a professional and mobile responsive Spanish website that works with, mirrors or stands along with your site in English.
  • Setup the Spanish website as a separate entity from the English one. You can have a link on the English website directing users to the Spanish version. New technologies like WordPress and other Content Management Platforms (CMS) make it very easy.
  • Pick a domain name for your Spanish language website that is representative of your services in Spanish. Example: if you are a family lawyer you would register the Spanish version of your domain, search for something like “abogado de familia . com

Number 2: Professional website copy translation

  • Translate all your website copy, pages related to practice areas, legal resources, contact information, and blog. Don’t use free online tools for legal translations, Google Translate or WordPress plugins are widely used, but they can be highly unreliable. Most of the time this translation has so many mistakes that it’s impossible to understand it.
  • Hire a professional company who employes real people who can proofread the copy and check for any grammar or style errors. We recommend ProTranslate for a fast and reliable legal document translation service online.

Number 3: Advertising Copy and SEO

Advertising to the Hispanic audience is an intricate part for most businesses. US Hispanics currently have 1,7 trillion in purchasing power, a number that´s sure to rise in the years to come.

Creating copy for your advertising campaign in Spanish is a must. But, it´s absolutely imperative for marketers to understand what it takes to reach such an important customer effectively and build a good strategy.

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Other advertising areas that you must cover in Spanish:

  • Blog Articles. Hire a person with experience creating legal document translations in the Spanish language, you can find many freelancers in places like Fiverr who can write an article in Spanish for a very low price.
  • SEO(Start Search Engine Optimization). Check Google for key phrases that are widely used in Spanish, for example: “abogado cerca de mi”, “abogado de accidentes”, “divorcio”. Work on your website optimization and include these key phrases on your pages titles, meta tags and also in the content.
  • Adwords Campaigns.