MyCase Law Practice Management Review

When it comes to law practice management software there are many options but if you are a solo practitioner or small firm MyCase is a great company to help you organize and expand your law practice.

Founded in 2010, MyCase was created to address the difficulty of secure client communications. At the time Matt Spiegel, Alex Dikowski and Chris Schulte were experiencing difficulties running their own small firm. With MyCase they wanted to provide professional quality technology normally available only to larger businesses with a built in secure messenger system.

In 2012 they were purchased by Appfolio. Appfolio began with property management and then expanded into law practice software. In both cases their goal was to streamline certain aspects of business that are usually carried out by more than one company. This is known as vertical integration.

Unique Features Of MyCase

MyCase is essentially a one stop shop for law practice management that is simple to use even if you are not a techie. They begin by offering a team of website designers who are experienced with the SEO needs of lawyers and prove it with a google analytics account to show you how your website is ranking.

The mobile supported website will include a customized logo that they create for you and they take care of all the web hosting. Your website still has your domain name which strengthens brand recognition. MyCase provides content writing and can cover all your social networking needs as well as blogs and profesional association links.

The apps available are compatible on all your devices allowing you to utilize and bill for the work you do on the go. You have everything you need to work effectively from your phone and the app allows you to get all your messages in real time as if you were in the office.

What is unique about Mycase is that It was designed to be a tool not just for lawyers managing their practice but as a communication tool for clients. MyCase offers SSL secured internal emails. The client portal makes it easy for clients to see all the documents, calendar events, tasks and secured messages they need to feel that they are getting proper access to their lawyer. They can only see what you share with them but they will see it on a secure platform. It even automatically sends out a reminder email to your clients when they have to show up for an event or appointment.

MyCase Versus It’s Competitors

When comparing features of law practice management software you will find that they are all capable of automating your communications, organizing your cases, documents and calendar. Each of the many systems available does this in their own way with certain features being stronger then others. These features will determine which company is the right fit for your law practice., a blog that naturally grew into one of the foremost sources of innovative ideas for small law practices, has listed MyCase as one of 2017’s best law practice management software companies. The most recent reviews of MyCase on speak highly of the new Outlook plug-in. They also commend MyCase for being a long time proponent for the use of two factor authentication as well as the ability to use Google Authenticator to make this process less cumbersome.

MyCases’ main competitors are Clio, Practice Panther, HoudiniEsq and Rocket Matter. Clio is the leader in revenue worldwide indicating its popularity, but at twice the cost of MyCase for its boutique services, which most practices will find they need.

According to MyCase is the second highest earning law practice management software on the market that shares the same major features as Clio. While it costs less then most of its competitors, it is the second highest earner due to its ease of use, bank grade security, client portal and low cost.

As vertical integration and cloud based software solutions inspire more lawyers to become small or solo practitioners the outlook is good that MyCase will continue to be an industry leader.

Even their Twitter feed is forward thinking. Yes they include the standard tweets about lawyer software and ethical practices but they also include information specific to lawyers about how to stay healthy and avoid stress. I even saw a tweets about the likely impact of artificial intelligence on the practice of law in the near future.

MyCase Integrations 

With my case you are able to integrate with QuickBooks, Outlook and Gmail calendar to organize all your cases, calendars, and documents. You can create case folders with sub folders underneath them and assign and track tasks. reviewed MyCase’s new Outlook plug-in saying it makes it easier then ever to keep communications in sync. MyCase Sync seamlessly connects your calendars, contacts and Outlook. The new Outlook plug-in even updates itself automatically every 15 minutes without slowing.

MyCase Workflow 

The MyCase workflow automation feature helps you create templates to streamline your repetitive tasks. For example make a workflow template for client intake that includes all the tasks required. If you find yourself with a additional task you can easily add it to the existing template.

Their real time activity feed helps small firms keep each other informed as tasks are completed and there is a customizable always visible dock with a timer to quickly access anything you need while keeping track of billable time.

MyCase And Security

MyCase runs on Amazon’s, yes – that Amazon’s EC2 cloud servers. Amazons computers are stored remotely with military perimeters and access to the computers is strictly monitored. Amazon has a long history of storing data in a secure manner and MyCase backs up the entire database on Amazon storage. For added security be sure to turn on two factor authentication a safety feature MyCase has recommended since 2013.

One of the times in which your data is least secure is when information about a case is sent through email. To address this problem my case uses a client portal with internal emails. When you receive a

message within the client portal it sends you an email that informs you there is a message waiting, keeping all your communications secure.

MyCase and Bill Pay

MyCase can be linked to your trust account and the mobile apps make it simple for clients to pay. They even offer free eChecks making it even easier. Use the on dock timer to track your time and bill clients. There’s even a report that keeps track of your retainer and billable hours so you can avoid violating ethics rules.

MyCase And Price

Like most legal software you can have a 30 day free trial of MyCase. The cost of the service is $39 a month per attorney, billed monthly, and you can cancel anytime. Paralegals and support staff can be added for an additional fee per month making MyCase an affordable option for smaller firms.

MyCase And You

If you find that you need many integrations or a very sophisticated timer MyCase may not be best for you. If you want a client friendly mobile app for easy payments and you appreciate professional features at a cost practical for small businesses MyCase is an excellent software option.