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5 Features To Look For In a Professional Software For Law Firms

Imagine you heard about the digitalization of so many other industries, and you wish attorneys had a professional tool to work with as well. The good news is, software for law firms is a rapidly growing sector, and you’ve already got several solutions to choose from. But then comes the question: which tool will be the best […]

3 Calendar apps for Law Firms to manage their client appointments on 2020

(update to our previous article: Tools to streamline your Law Practice on 2019) With the rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence and new communication technologies emerging almost every day, businesses are adapting and changing the way they conduct daily operations to become more productive and agile.  Technological advances are opening new doors for the legal industry. […]

Guide to Legal Directories for attorney marketing

Chances are that if you have ever been looking for a lawyer online, some of the following legal directories have come up on the first page when you did your search: Avvo, Justia, Findlaw, LegalMatch, ListaLegal These are some of the most popular and visited attorney Directory Sites in Internet. What are these directories for? […]

Is Marketing In Spanish Still Relevant To Attorneys?

lawyer marketing in spanish

Most of our clients in the legal industry market their services to the Hispanic/Latino consumer in the U.S. yet every time they plan an advertising campaign they can’t seem to get a good grasp of how to answer the question on how to drive growth within the Hispanic segment, while balancing advertising budgets – particularly […]