5 Features To Look For In a Professional Software For Law Firms

Imagine you heard about the digitalization of so many other industries, and you wish attorneys had a professional tool to work with as well. The good news is, software for law firms is a rapidly growing sector, and you’ve already got several solutions to choose from.

But then comes the question: which tool will be the best for you and your law firm?

Today we’re exploring the subject of features to look for in professional software for law firms. We’re taking Taskeo, a quickly developing SaaS, for lawyers as an example to understand the issue better.

#1: It’s secure

Law firms deal with a large amount of incredibly sensitive data they don’t want to share with anyone random – reported DuoCircle, an email security company that offers protection against Phishing Attacks, Ransomware, Malware, Spoofing and Impersonation. Professional software for law firms will ensure that whatever you put in the platform stays on the platform.

Taskeo ensures the maximum level of security with access permissions, IP access restrictions, double backups, and storing the data in an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – certified data center.

Additional security features that you might want to look for are, for example, these:

  • IP restrictions that lock down access from other IP than the defined one
  • Strict user permissions that allow you to decide who sees what kind of data in your platform
  • Two-factor identifications – if you feel like the email is not enough, you can add another type of data to verify your account
  • Private cloud – whenever you need your data to be stored in an extra safe place

#2: It’s comprehensive

Managing several apps and subscriptions to run one law firm will quickly become bothersome. Look for a solution that will answer all your needs with one application. Taskeo, for example, allows you to manage your cases and workflows, track time and bill your clients, or schedule your meetings. It’s like having three tools rolled into one – so much less hassle.

When we speak about comprehensive software for law firms, then we think about something that will allow you:

  • Create flexible to-do lists
  • Create a variety of projects and cases
  • Manage your client data and funnels
  • Bill your clients according to time tracked within the app
  • Schedule meetings and calls
  • Work with your clients through data room and client portal
  • Store and search your files easily
  • Safely share projects and cases with your co-workers

#3: It helps you get the job done more efficiently

Most of us can’t do without a good old to-do list. Lawyers are no different.

But to-do lists are only the first step to greater productivity in your law firm. Comprehensive and professional software for law firms will help you work smarter on all your cases and manage your business in a better, more effective way.

It’s not just about cases and files – it’s also about optimizing the way you execute your tasks.

Taskeo helps you manage your daily tasks, create workflows, set up reminders, and recurring assignments. On top of that, you can easily use it to manage the workload of your co-workers and steer the processes remotely. You won’t need another tool to assign tasks and monitor their execution.

#4: It’s flexible

Good software for law firms is created by people who understand that each law firm is different. Taskeo lives up to this belief by ensuring full flexibility of the platform and pricing, allowing you to pick what you need and give up on the rest. This way, you use what you need, and you pay for what you use.

But there’s more – while many legal platforms offer functions helping you in case management, they’re far less flexible when it comes to the management of your tasks. In Taskeo, that’s never a problem. Display your tasks however you want, make your projects private, use different module views, preview what other members of your team are up to. With a bit of creativity, there isn’t a thing you can’t set up in Taskeo.

#5: It’s customer-focused

Platform creators can decide what they want to include in their tool, but what if it’s not what the lawyers need?

Let’s be honest – there are many apps and tools available that lawyers could, technically, use. But the problem with them is, they’re not really designed with lawyers in mind. And those who are designed for lawyers, are still not always a perfect fit for a given group of legal specialists.

Maybe they have too many or too little functions. Maybe these functions are focused on data assembly and not law firm management.

 It’s not the case with Taskeo.

Taskeo’s creators understand that it’s the users who decide what features should be included in the platform. Extensive market research has led Taskeo developers to the creation of functionalities that were requested by legal specialists all over the world – real professionals alike with you, who share your challenges and issues.

If there’s something you think is missing in Taskeo – you can always contact their team and talk about your idea. The feature suggestions and requests are always welcome, and user feedback is priceless. The platform works for the success of your legal firm – and that means every customer’s opinion matters.

Now you know what to look for

Secure, comprehensive, productive, flexible, customer-focused.

These are the five features you need to look for in software for law firms, and you’ll be ready for digital transformation in your law firm.

Taskeo is a perfect example of professional software for law firms. With all their features, current and upcoming, they’re contributing to your law firm’s growth and successful management.

Now comes the question: why not give it a try right now? You can create a free account with no obligations and see how it’s going to change the way you work.