Abogado Aaron Spolin

Aaron Spolin

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Licenciado en Derechos Civiles, Defensa Criminal, Inmigracion, Litigios

Los Angeles, CA


11500 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 400

Los Angeles, CA

(310) 424-5816


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11500 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 400 . Los Angeles, CA

9544 W. Pico Blvd., Suite 202. Los Angeles, CA

501 W. Broadway, Suite 800 . San Diego, CA

1390 Market Street, Suite 200 . San Francisco, CA

(310) 424-5816


Publicado por Suparna Saha

Aaron was really amazing. He got me the best possible outcome-no charges were pressed against me. I highly recommend him!!

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Publicado por C Lee

Choosing a criminal defense attorney can be a stressful and difficult decision to make in the first place. Most likely if you're coming across this page, you're probably researching many other options and hoping that you're choosing the right person that can help you. I've decided to go with Aaron Spolin a few weeks ago, realizing if I want to have a higher chance to get my charge lowered, or dismissed- I would need to hire an attorney beforehand rather than requesting one on the day of. I've had consultations with many, but I'm glad I went with Aaron. Reason being is that compared to the others that I have met with, he was the only one that was extremely patient and calm with listening to my situation. He took his time with me and didn't make me feel as if I had to rush myself out. Moreover, Aaron made me feel comfortable and explained some of the steps of the legal process. Sometimes, attorneys will explain things and you won't quite understand some of the legal terms that attorneys will use, and it can get intimidating at times. But not with Aaron, Aaron will explain things in the simplest ways to make you feel at ease. I had a felony case, and I was hoping to get it lowered to at least a misdemeanor, and bigger hopes of getting it dismissed. Aaron did just that. On the day of court, Aaron gave me news that they have declined to prosecute and I couldn't have been more grateful and fortunate to have him as my attorney. No more getting into the law on my end, but if I were to need one again for whatever reason, or recommend a criminal defense attorney to any of my friends, I would say to get representation from Aaron Spolin. Thank you Aaron!

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Publicado por KEVIN C

I highly recommend Spolin Law! Attorney Aaron is an amazing person and extremely responsible for his client. I had an dispute with my former client and caused some trouble to my firm. And he would listen to my side of the story and patiently guided me through the whole complicated legal process. He is very knowledgeable in terms of insurance law and gave me priceless advice during every process. More importantly, he, for the whole time, has been extremely proactive on my case. He always made contact, followed up and kept me updated with the status of the case. I can imagine that he has done a great deal of work and explanation on behalf of my firm to deal with the prosecutor. Eventually he got my case dismissed. 5 Stars are way not enough to value his constant professionalism, profound experience and excellent service!

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