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Daniel Moaddel

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Licenciado en Defensa Criminal, Inmigracion

Los Angeles, CA


3435 Wilshire Blvd #2430, Los Angeles, CA, 90010

Los Angeles, CA

(888) 288 5076


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3435 Wilshire Blvd #2430, Los Angeles, CA, 90010. Los Angeles, CA

9701 Wilshire Blvd #1000, Beverly Hills, CA, 90212. Beverly Hills, CA

(888) 288 5076


Publicado por bill moore

I found myself in need of a good attorney. I had no idea of where to go. I finally read reviews and the experience of attorneys who specialized in the area of law which I felt was needed. I read many reviews for many different attorneys. I decided to make an appointment with Moaddel Law Firm. I met with Dan Moaddel as well as several members of his staff. I got good vibes, however one never knows for sure. I went ahead and signed a contract to be represented by Moaddel Law. Last week my case was finalized. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Dan Moaddel is the best. His legal assistant Kimberly is the best. His entire staff was outstanding. I was fully informed at all times. I never had a problem reaching who I needed to speak to. I highly recommended Dan Moaddel. In addition to working hard for you, he is a all around classy guy.

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Publicado por Wester Lopez

" I take all reviews with a grain of sand. You can’t always trust what other people have said so I went in to Moaddel not expecting to be pleasantly surprised by my experience there. First of all, they have a very modern office, organized, & inviting just like the attorneys and assistants. I retained Daniel Moaddel as my defense council and he delivered on his end as are good attorney. Got me reduced sentencing, and was responsive to my emails. Never had a moment where I felt like I worried about the status of my case because he always had pleasant news to report to me. He is great. Thank you my friend. "

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Hiplin Trons

A lawyer is the sum of the results they generate and Moaddel is a five star attorney affordable to almost anyone. He helped me construct a payment plan and was worth every single drop of time and money I invested. He got my traffic violation charges reduced and I am thankful to him for his efforts and help.

Abogado contratado

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